Dedicated Servers for Beginners


A dedicated server is single computer in a network of computers generally housed in a datacenter. You can lease these computers from a web hosting service provider. Dedicated servers are suitable for the technically adept as well as beginners. Depending on the level of your technical expertise, you can choose between managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. In unmanaged dedicated hosting, the server provider manages the hardware and the network while the customer manages the server software ecosystem. Managed servers let the customers concentrate on their core business while the server provider is responsible for the upkeep of hardware, network and some server software like the operating system, control panel, etc. (more…)

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Data Backup Explained


Data loss is a known peril. When dedicated server and VPN customers lose their website data, they stand to lose their livelihood or precious memories. Customer support teams deal with major or minor issues day in and day out but no amount of hard work wins them more gratitude than a flawless crash recovery. It may feel like a miracle for new customers but due the way data backup is handled in the industry, it’s a simple 2-3 step process. In some cases, like automated cancellation backups are retained for 45-90 days because companies expect customers to come back! (more…)