Is your business looking to invest in an ERP system?

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Are you wondering if your business is ready to deploy an enterprise resource planning system?

Let’s define an ERP system first, it is an all-purpose software with modules that manage your key business functions from operations to human resources, inventory and finances. This means that you don’t need to integrate different type of systems for each business functions.

ERP systems can help enterprises a lot productivity and profitability wise but will it pay off? Deploying an ERP system requires effort and investment and can be expensive to implement.

Let’s determine if your business is ready for an enterprise resource planning system.

Review your current technology
The most important step is to determine if your current systems can support an ERP software. You want to avoid degradation of software performance over time and you need to make the necessary updates and maintenance to prevent it.

Plan for the future
The second step is to evaluate your future information technology needs for years to come that is part of your business strategic plan.

Define the financial impact
The last step is to determine the finance impact of your current problems and the different solutions considered. What is the cost of upgrading your current systems versus implementing an ERP system. Is it important to include training and implementation costs as they can be a huge expenses. If you’re current systems are outdated and cannot be fixed, an ERP system can be a good solution to your problem.

When considering an ERP system, the size of your business doesn’t matter, you should look at the complexity of your products or services. If you have a broad product/service line, an ERP system might be a good solution for your business.

Linovus can help your organization minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software. Your organization needs a team with expertise and Linovus has helped a lot of customers with their ERP needs.

Linovus is an Exact Silver Partner authorized to implement and support Macola’s ERP product suite. From base installation to custom extensions and integrations our team can support the full application stack. We have teams in both Ontario and Quebec.

Exact Macola 10 is the next evolution in ERP software – all functionality is included, no need to purchase individual modules. This is a huge leap forward toward a more natural ERP experience that increases the speed, accuracy and reliability of operating your business.

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