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Local Area Network

A local area network is a network of devices connected to each other within a small area and allows for a way to communicate with each other.

Let Linovus take care of your Network Setup, we have a team of talented technicians who can build, configure and troubleshoot your office network for you. Everything from network design and configuration to network management for your users and computers. We've got you covered!


If you have problems with your wifi or just experience a slow network, we can help you by troubleshooting. We have helped a number of clients by making their networks more responsive and efficient when they experienced troubles with their existing setups.



We specialize in:

  • Cabling
  • Wifi and Router Setup
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Network Routing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization


Network management can be a hassle, with lots of users and devices coming and going it doesn't take long for you to get swamped with work. Linovus offers network management to help reduce the headache of handling all work, we can help get you setup with Active Directory to manage it all for you.


Adding users and devices to your network, password management, and deploying updates to all of your devices are just a small sample of what we can do for you, remotely!




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