The Proclamation of Relocation

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Your company is growing and you’re finding it harder and harder to place every new person you bring on board. Or maybe you’ve just found out that your landlord has sold to a private developer and your days at your current location are limited. Either way you arrive at the same conclusion, it is time to move. 

You’ve determined that you will need a moving company to help with the heavy lifting and a few volunteers to help oversee everything, but what about everything else? At this point you may be wondering “what else is there?”. Well there is a lot my friend. For starters there is the phone system. You want to make sure that during your transition that your business continues to run like nothing is happening, don’t you? How about emails and server access? Some of you may think that it’s as simple as having the movers box up the server and plug it in at the new location, but is it really that simple? 

Too often do we hear the phrase “how hard can it be?” and the reality is we all know that if you have to ask then you don’t want to know. Thankfully there is a team that knows exactly how hard it can be and is prepared and well equipped to handle your office relocation needs in their entirety. Our goal is to make sure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, ensuring that it’s business as usual at any stage of the relocation. If you will be relocating at any point in the near future you might want to consider asking the expert team at Linovus. Visit for more information

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