Weekly Summary May 2-9, 2017

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whatsapp-logo-570This week in the tech world a few things happened that would definitely raise a few eyebrows and bring up some old questions. Is Samsung better than Apple, Windows or iOS? Let’s not divert from the topic at hand, that is a question for another day.

Let us begin with some good news. Microsoft surface have recently released an updated version of their laptops and operating system called Windows 10 S that was introduced in the market this week. Microsoft ideal purpose was to compete with Apple’s Macbook Pro and Google’s Chromebook, two units that heavy favourites in the market. It is being said that Microsoft did just right by creating this model, saying that this might be the best Windows laptop to date. This model has a sleek design and it weighs under three pounds. It is a 13.5 inch touch screen with up to 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD (hard drive). With the new operating system Windows 10 S, it will have better functions for processing speed which will allows your computer to essentially open and close applications faster and also boosting the longevity of the battery life.

Secondly, WhatsApp went DOWN. Yes, that’s right, the app went down for a few hours on Wednesday. Missed by a lot of people in the world, the application had a global crash and people were not impressed. For those who did realize (for instance the business class in Brazil) they decided to switch to rivals known as Telegram messenger. In today’s day What’sapp plays a major role in most people’s communication process. With all the chaos, WhatsApp managed to still launch some good news for their users by releasing information about a new feature that would allow users to delete unread messages before the receiver reads it. So in other words users may now delete sent messages.

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